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Experience Music Project
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Feature Stories
"EMP: A real experience for those who built it,"
by Brad Broberg.

"The story behind blimps, goosenecks, plungers and icebergs,"
by Sandra Bonderman and Valerie Williams, Notkin Engineering.

"Gehry blends art with architecture,"
by Annu Mangat, Journal A/E Editor.

"What local architects are saying about EMP,"
by Annu Mangat, Journal A/E Editor.

"3-D software: The key to EMP's design,"
by Jon Magnusson, SWMB.

"Breathing life and light into EMP,"
by Jim Duncan and Jim Redding, Sparling.

"Paul Allen: The 'accidental developer',"
by Joe Nabbefeld, Journal Real Estate Editor.

"How to fit a monorail through the EMP,"
by Darrell Nance, Bush, Roed & Hitchings.

Take a look at the EMP from the air and experience the facts about its construction.
"With EMP, I wanted to create something highly innovative, to utilize the power of technology, to push the limits of architectural design. But mostly, I wanted to involve people's creativity and show them how to be creative in a way that had never been done before. Music has been a tremendous inspiration to me and I wanted others to open their hearts and mind to that experience."
-- Paul Allen, EMP founder

On the Web
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Learn more about the the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland.

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